Saturday, June 5, 2010

Imperfect me...........!!!!


Throwing my idle self on the couch today was trying to figure out these highly negative words....and I didn't have to ponder for long, just looked up and saw myself, my own reflection in the mirror, and Yaaaaaaaa.....that, was my answer..
"The Imperfect Mee!!!! "
But does that mean that I don't adore me????

I am not a perfect girl,
my hair doesn't always stay in place.
I don't have that mirror cracking personna and at times carry myself in an annoyingly clumsy way.
I spil things a lot,
I act dumb at times and sometimes do have a broken heart...
My friends and i sometimes fight,
and may be somedays nothing goes right....
I act stubborn and stand strong,
but there are times when i need someone to just - hold me on!!!!

But when I think about it and take a step back I realize how amazing life is and may be just may be i like being imperfect.
This highly -ve word is so much so +ve and full of life for me, with all the imperfections.
I am my dad's 'joker' and my mum calls me 'nanni' , and all my idiotic behaviour gets me a peck on my cheek from my sister after she's tired of grumbling at me,,, Oh!!! i so love u sis...
My loved one calls me 'dumbo' and 'bhullakad' and much more crazy stuff.....but then there are times when i am "the brave girl".. :)
What i now know is that I don't wanna be perfect as that is what makes me - ME!!!!
And my friends love me,, my family adores me and that is what matters and my life is tooooooooo beautiful being - THE IMPERFECT ME !!!!..
AND yaaaaaaaa............... THAT IS WHAT MAKES ME ME!!!!!.......

p.s- dedicated to all the lovely adorable people around me....tht have jeweled the simple Imperfect garland of my life,n made it precious for me.........
love you all..mmmuaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!

t.c........stay in good health, would post soon.........n yaa.its raining again.n m loving it... :) :)



  1. coool ... nice one ..keep writing

  2. Much Kudos!!!!

    Thats totally observable

    Your star In the eyes..
    -Keep rytin

  3. just a random thought i had earlier..
    some things are not as they seem, they r not as you want them to be
    they are what they should be, just to show you something new or maybe to make
    you better. I dont like perfect, why? maybe coz i m not perfect or maybe nothing is
    perfect. should we come closer to perfection? or just continue with wt we are..
    i agree that we should improve always, but wt if you are happy with yourself?
    should you change? maybe it is necessary to be comfortable with what you are.
    you need to change when you are unhappy with things around you. if you are happy
    that is perfection, rather han running after something which is not even known to
    exist. but the great question, are you truely happy, or u r just pretending to be?

  4. @lotusofdesert- well said.. . . Appreciate ur thought ,, , ,
    N yup too close to wat i meant it to be.. . . Thts wat i wantd to potray . . .tht hw , being imperfect is also so close to me , , n gives tht essence of happiness. . .. The thot of nt being closer to perfection never haunts me. .. Coz yaa.. . I love being wat i m .. .n tht makes me happy . . . I did love wat u wrote. .. .

  5. hey miss imperfect..tx fer noticing such little things.i think both u n me hv..infact..all of us have..little habits..termed as actually defined as self identity..or ways of living!jst loving ur ways..loving your the joy of living..gr8 post..i could feel very connected vd it!

  6. thanx a tonn.ishi.................... love ya for this

  7. frst tym to ur blog...
    lovely....dat makes em say.....awhh...bbay,v all r imperfect and it takes courage to accept ur imperfections...

    grt blog..

  8. @nikita-first f all.welcm....for ur first visit to my blog.n thnx a lot...............
    n these imperfections r a part n parcel of our y nt adore thm :)

  9. Everybody cannot be perfect.
    Its the imperfections in somebody which make them adorable to us, rather than their perfections..
    I have an aunt who was exactly like what u described when she was still in ur age.
    Totally awesome :)

  10. thnx a lot girish. overwhelmd by the gesture