Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Suicidal title isn’t it? What do you feel about it? Most certainly this statement is a manifestation of the thousand losses of a ‘born-loser’…

Before I get going in my business of expressing views on yet another weird post of mine, I would certainly want you to ponder over on what life means to you! That is the only way we all can connect to something which might seem ‘not worth discussing’……
a few days ago, i ws googling certain thoughts n quotes on 'life'(i possess this strange habit f googling strange thngs. . Lol) n thr i came across this statement. . . . N trust me this statement did put me in a fix!.

the moment i read this line, thoughts started squarming my mind shell on as to what life is, how important is it to live and face the challenges (which they said is the most wonderful thing!). After all wat i had always believed is that the beauty of life lies in the ''life'' attached to a lively life ., , I thought that the line about the beauty f termination of life is a pessimistic one and only a loser will utter such a statement!

Thinking this i ws abt to shut down my computer n while clicking on the button ''shut down'' , , i stopped for a while, , , (what if the thngs tht r running, never shut down?, wat if a running task never winds up? Being a person f programming field i realise the ‘END PROGRAM’ command of any computer program and it’s significance.

All this while I now knew that I will be the only one who will like a ‘loser’ support this statement!

To redirect myself on the statement i thoight about the time-frame of life.

Well the flowers (flora-lovers take note!) many of them live for a day. They blossom and die. Just like that! The best thing about them is definitely the fact that they die in their prime without letting anyone know how it looks a few moments before it’s death!

What about the projects? Isn’t the ending of any project the most wonderful thing? That yaa, , ,finally the burden's over n its completed (i guess the engginers wud agree)

So isn’t death which redefines the fact that we are after all "humans"! We all know death is inevitable so why don’t we stand up and say that it is what makes us complete! If you are a believer in life after death you’ll be so happy to be relieved of all this worldly sins and who knows Peter might call your name!

And don’t we all believe that ‘we live in deeds and not in years'

And how about our beloved Micheal Jackson ? The moment the man (?) dies Wikipedia crashes, the media goes in a tizzy and why? Definitely not to tell us about his child abuse history but how great he was! Trust me if MJ is reading this he would be winking and agreeing that there couldn’t be a wonderful thing as death simply because he is reverD more nw after his death .. .

the most relevant example I could give was of this nuisance called ‘love’ which happens (‘keeps happening’ for some but not me!). So isn’t ending this the most wonderful thing you can do when you know you can’t sustain it, when you know probably he/she is much better off without you? If you believe that this is actually love and it’s not working, without a shadow of doubt termination will be ‘the most wonderful thing’ (Yah, You might be called names like ‘martyr’! But back yourself!)

;) ;) pun intended.


so cn i now say tht yaa somewhere down my ficke mind ;) i do believe in the beauty of termination of lyf. .. . .

Coz tht makes me n u complete.

p.s- unlike the usual ones this post came down quite haevy on my head too.had to ponder a lot... whole lot of an inside out, topsy turvy came out........ wud look forward to inputs frm u all.........
kep smiling, love u all.....

n ya.....i made that sketch,do tell me hows it.....


  1. Hi..

    Awesome one here dude.. I mean.. I also think on these terms.. We welcome BIRTH with open arms.. But when it's death, y the blowing off?? :-o

    It's almost the same part as birth.. n as u correctly mentioned.. INEVITABLE.. U jus cant defy it.. U jus need to accept it..

    Man o Man.. It's like.. Where were you all these years??? :P :P
    I always needed one to talk on similar terms.. N i can see a ray of hope.. God bless Alliance.. :) :)

    n need I say nething abt the drawing.. We shld collaborate.. N m serious when i say this.. Think abt.. We'll blow this world wide open.. :D :D

  2. hi,

    p.s: m flattered. n speechless.;)
    thnx a tonn........ n yaa sure. i hv the same thoughts wen it comes to ur photography.........

  3. This post is quite thought provoking & I don't know if u'll read my comment, bt I'l do it anyway :D
    Termination of life is inevitable like u said (Vampires don't count, if u believe in em!
    And I'l welcome it wid open arms wen it comes, not coz I'm a loser, coz I don't want to be a burden to mother earth when I get old.
    But what if there was no afterlife where all our souls roam around in a void happily. That makes me shudder. But still be happy to be alive and when u die, don't regret anythin u've done in life.
    Termination of love is a rather sad part & I don't agree completely with your view about that.One can make everything all right if he/she is really in love.
    I liked this post & yeah, I'm a new follower!! :)

  4. @girish- appreciate the way u noticed the minuteness in my post........
    m oblidged tht u even stopped to post ur opinion.......thnx man............thnx for being a follower too..........

  5. Hey gal, I don't how I reached your blog, but I must say, these are some awesome thoughts.
    Totally agree with the statement, ‘we live in deeds and not in years'. My fav quote is of course, Life is a journey, not a destination. The final destination is the same for all of us- Death. So make the most of this amazing journey called life.
    Anyway, will read rest of ur posts later. I have some unfinished drafts, that someday I will post. Cheers.

  6. hey!! awesome post i must say...
    just like u i also have this weird habbit of searching unusual things on google and i came to ur post..commendable work :)

  7. Hey Prabudh, thanks a lot man:) n yaa welcome to my blog!!