Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Girl at that Airport!!

Are relationships really that fragile… if yes, then why do people covet it so much?

Just because it is comparatively easy to turn your back, rather to face the situation.. people decide to let it all go…
Mirrors lie… and ask difficult questions! Will he still love me when I have wrinkles?
Tangled hopes on the longevity of relationships..
Am I only what I do or whom I love?
In loving someone did I end up losing who I actually was? Will he ever realize how wrong he did?
Have I missed the bus?
Why is moving on so hard?
Never ending questions with really no answers… and probably the answers that don’t even matter anymore…

We see only what we choose to see…

That moment in life when you reach a point and realize that nobody in the world understood you… your family, friends, ‘ex’-boyfriend..

Huh!! But then, who has ever really understood a woman’s broken heart!!
And who has ever known how long it will take to heal.. I was truly alone.. and…. It didn’t matter anymore!
Broken hearts can be mended! All it takes is a few nights of drunken revelry, many nights of tear stained pillows and haunting memories…
The real solution to a broken heart is not always ‘another man’… rebound doesn’t always give the strength to what we call ‘a re-bounce back in life’.

A red dress and stilettos and a new hair cut.. and you feel like all your dreams can come true.. that everything is just as good it should have been…
Then you wake up the next morning and realize it’s just another regular day… the fantasy world’s longevity has expired and you face the bitter truth… AND.. you put your life on hold.. untill the next time you are ready to take out that red dress again from the closet.

To feel alive AGAIN!!
Seeking happiness and love and this time… definitely not in the ‘Wrong place’.


  1. taniya,
    the world is not about others understanding you. it is all about whether you have understood your inner self. dont expect sympathy from any one . even your parents. you get up and fight.only weak hearts are broken and strong ones fight till the end and come up winners.I see you as an extremely emotional person. nothing wrong with that but emotions should not take over your life, desires or goals. become strong, determined to achieve great things in life and automatically every thing will fall in place. dont stop writting for any stupid reason because you are a gifted writer. take care and with fond regards. R.Venkatesh

  2. Thanks a lot Sir!!
    Overwhelming that you took time out to read my blog.
    Though its a piece of fiction, but yes, I will keep in mind your advice.
    Thanks again!
    Much Gratitude!


  3. The best way to move on is not giving a single thought to the person who broke your heart, until u find someone whom u care about even more...
    P.s rebound could b d ans. It works fr the whole world... y should we b different?

  4. LOL.. good thought.... but you gave the answer right there in your comment.. rebound is when you get into a relationship just for the heck of getting out of the previous.. whereas.. my point is.. I dunn beleive it. If it happens for real.. leap for it. If not, don't make it a reason to just come out of one. Instead, go for that sexy hair cut :P

  5. Neva knew.., u can potray emotions sooo beautifully..!!! Lovvedd it..
    Keep Writing..