Wednesday, September 29, 2010

pulkit, prek, trish, ishi , b@kra.... :( :( :(

I am in desperate need of someone to hold me.

I want my best friends around me now, without asking me questions. I need someone by my side to tell me it's going to be alright.
I hate giving explanations….. I need someone who reads my eyes and understands with out the need of any communication. I dont want to attend any phone calls or reply to any msgs. I really can make out which msg full of 'take care's is genuine and which one is not. I can make out which 'hug' is real and which one has been given only to stay in my good books. Why do you guys bother yourself so much?

I need someone to have faith in me, to tell me Taniya, I know you are the best girl in this world.
I desperately need somebody's trust in me…..someone's high expectations from me.
I need someone to tell me it is not too late you can still go back to where you where…. you can still be the girl people used to look upto. You can still get back to your old ways and means. I miss my school yaar…. I miss my teachers. I miss Zutshi mam who used to scold me when I used to score 98 on 100 in history…. I want that level of faith back. I miss pulkit, trish, prek, ishi, b@kra. I want you people around me yaar…… I want to feel alive again! Damn I miss prek n trishu so fucking much. I miss our bitching.. I miss pullu n b@kra’s non stop pulling my leg so muchso much!

The biggest regret I have right now is turning too extrovert with people. Wrong Wrong Wrong. Damn. Its all wrong. My conscious kept pinching me each time..why did I ignore all that!
I should have never opened up so much….... dnt u c.even i get hurt.......

I miss the old me. I felt good to be the innocent one..the decent one..the nerdy one…the crazy one….the sincere one..the focussed one. :(

Dont ping me on gmail/facebook/phone to ask me whats wrong. Jo hai upar likh diya aur kuch nahi bolne ko.
Now feeling lite.thnx blog……………


  1. hey sweets..thank god i read dis post..idiot..all is are still the same..your ambitions ..ur capabilties are still the same..we know you are the same know you are going to make it through..evry one has ups and downs..evryone around makes mistakes..and thats soo human..good things give memories..bad ones give experience..and there is just nthg u did wrong..its never wrong to be what you want!!what you expect from youself..its ok to open up to people..without vch u nvr knw wht u may miss out!!imagine-if we never opened up to each othr..could we still be friends??
    tanu-how dare you even think that you are changed??
    you are still the same tanu-who can talk endlessly..who is actually looked upon by evryone around..who is there by the sides of her friends and family..without evn asking..tanu we all love you,..more than you think ..
    life is difficult at tyms..n we knw our fighter friend..who"ll make thru it!!
    keep rocking dear..U R D BEST!!!(and u knw-i don't lie!!!)
    also i felt sooo proud reading this blog-dedicated to me :-)...sweets-all izz well!!!
    n if not we are here-together,we"ll make it wonderful!!

  2. I love u ishi,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, i seriously do........ read ur post like a zillion times....cried,,,,, felt lite... i love u......miss u..........

  3. Oye ya u hv changed.. Taniya... Tu n udaas..!! kuch to gadbad hai..!!!! arrey yaar cheer up... u hv still got that vigour in u..!!!! though ma name z nt on the blog.. may b u may nt b missin me.. bt wen i'll write a blog on ppl i miss.. u'll b thr at the top..!!!! i miss u so much.!!! Ab jaldi se theek ho ja..!!! Aakhir tu bhi insaan hai.. can commit mistakes..!!! There r certain times wen any1 gets deviated and carried away with the flow.. bt nw wen u hv realizd it all.. so y wry..??? nw jus :) :)

  4. Oye tanu kya hua tere ko yaar
    kyo dprss ho rhi hai yaar
    u r the bstst frnd evr...:)
    Mast hoja yaar mood acha kr...prty krni hai apan ne to...phir aise rhegi to prty me maja kaise aayega

    lallu hai kya...aise koi sad hote hai kya...idiot fellow...:)
    mast raha kar...hum hai na jpr me tere jigri dost...jab aayegi to maje krnge

  5. watevr it is..get it out of ur mind...and get on wit lyf... lyf s short..n we hav vry little tym in our hands...stay

  6. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm yeah...thnx u.
    all smiles...

  7. Hey whatever happened, don't worry. Getting hurt is a part of life. It'll be all right.
    Your friends are there for u!