Monday, August 23, 2010

Dedicated to I only....

Statutory Warning: ..... not for people who:
1. hate the terminology "I"
2. hate "me" ;)

as what follows is an eye and mind torturing innumerable use of "I"!!!! (I,I,I,i.. I love I..... questions anyone..eeehhh!!!!!)
Its 1:28am and am not at all sleepy and hence came here to my only patient listner, my blog,,,,, yet another opportunity for self reminding actualization!!!
I have been tagged useless, aimless, feeling less, senseless, heartless, loveless, dreamless, many lesses, I wondered if there can be more of "less" in me.
No......... Naah.. Not at all....... I don't think I fit into any of the above categories, I know my worth, I know what can I achieve, I know what rock solid substance I am made up of, I know how to live, I know when to get up, even if I am late mostly :P
I know and I believe in love. Most importantly I love myself for what I am now, in spite of all odds.... Let me be I...
Surviving all these 20 critical years of constant critical and useless reminders by people, who don't care to oil there own machines and all unnamed worthless freaks have made me what I am today"......

Don't bother judging me please. I am absolutely fine, I love to talk, make friends, crave for choclates, irritate people

I know some people must be so willing to criticize me but I have this for u... RIP:D
Thats all for now.. plz comment, even if this MASTERPIECE called "I" meant crap to you!!
OH!! I so Love I ;)

p.s- i guess i have gone nuts, but tht how I am loving it to be today........


  1. Its the so called yu n d real yu...i loved d bold lines very much!!!real one...

    Howeva you were,
    Howeva you are,
    Why don'u be natural. .
    Why don'u be you. .
    What'f others rule you out,
    Care the least. .leave the rest.
    Say em 'I'm proud of what i'm'....

  2. Ok.. Firstly.. U have another patient listener in ME.. :P :P
    Change needed in the blog. :P

    Secondly.. Awesome stuff ya.. U are what makes u special.. Bindaaasss.. Free.. I dunno why u used all those lesses tho.. We are der here.. Atleast I know I am.. :P :P
    Aage se mat bolna.. :P

    n yeah baby.. U are worthy of what others don even know.. one day you shall do the same and then u would have your laugh.. :D :) ;)

    Njoy dear.. God bless.. :)

  3. nice post sweet!!
    n ya..watevr masterpiece u r-we still love dis piece!!!never change !!!

  4. well post di!
    u really a antique piece..luvd d "I" in u.. :)

  5. People older than us are there to constantly nag us whenever they get a chance :P
    Ignore them (like u have so wonderfully done) and enjoy ur life :)
    I'm also getting vampire traits nowadays (Vampire Diaries books & TV show are to be blamed). Can't go to sleep until 1!!
    Ur posts are nice..
    Keep blogging.. :)

  6. @PRASHANT-thnx a lot man, n ya those bold lines are really close to me n i actually mean them. :P
    @pratap-yes boss, i hv got a patient listner in u..n i m overwhelmed by the gesture, the way u said. thanks for that..n ya i negate those lesses. its wat people proclaimed,though its part fiction, tht i created
    @sajal- thnx a lot
    @girish-thnx man :)
    and yaa, join the league then, coz i m a total

  7. An eye for an 'I'... GGUD.... Luv ppl wth tat ego.. it always makes them strong... n you strong too..

  8. aye aye.......... yeah.. u got me straight :P

  9. u knw wat taniya...this was some inspiration for me...i mean its actually game to love oneself n say it aloud...ur post has resulted in me gifting myself with a book....i 'gifted' myself 'stay hungry stay foolish' today :)
    It was like...
    Dear ABC...

    ...ABC :)

  10. xactly..... that is it. i did the same... but the difference here was the gift. ;) ;)
    n ya,, last but not the least...thanks a lot man..
    this comment is now an inspiration for me to write more crazy stuff and bug you more.... lol