Monday, July 8, 2013

Happy Birthday My Darling little Sister!!


The only person in the world who shares with me the memories of my childhood, parents, joy and sorrow and last but not the least- MY SHOES!! (yes she has the same foot size as me)  :P

I vaguely remember the day …

Or may be I am lying to just sound that I do ‘cause it gives a dramatic start to an otherwise melancholy write up  ;)
The day papa told me that I was supposed to accompany him to the hospital to see maa. I didn’t understand what was all that hype about and why are we visiting a ‘fancy word place’ to see maa ‘cause I did see her everyday at home. But he sure was so excited about it.

I was exactly 3 years, 9 months and 6 days old when ‘tunga’ was born. Though she hates it when I announce that name to the world, but WHO CARES!! As if the tiny tot newbie, without any teeth would be able to put up a fight against it. (btw did I tell you her pictures without her teeth are my favorite till date) ..

Well!! I was too young to have an opinion or any feelings but can say I didn’t hate her seeing in my arms.. or MAYBE!! ;)
Looking back now, we have traversed a long path.. we have loved, we have hated, but we have never just simply co-existed. With this little tot that was put I my arms that eventful day, has grown up all big from here cerelacs, to the grumpy fat doll she was, to the non-toothed adorable golu-molu, to the ever dancing that kid did annoy me to my nerves, she has grown to be my most favorite girl in the whole world, as beautiful as it gets.

We have grown past the phase of ‘you crying endlessly in school and me being pulled off my classroom to come ssshh you; to the girl now that I even look forward to share and advice. We have grown from just to now friends. I know I might not have been the best sister or even an ideal mentor.. I got out of the vicinity pretty early or even got held up in my studies and friends. All those years you graduated from that motu-chotu grumpy annoying buzz around my waist to a more ‘tolerable’ one around my shoulder (just the shoulder ‘cause I am still way taller :P )

Being the younger one, still you have taught me a lot more and even handled me in my rough times. (I remember the times me cribbing in front of maa to remind you that I AM THE ELDER ONE.. you were so mature darling!! )

Sibling rivalry, the bruises, the jealousy.. we were lucky enough to never let those words to seep into our wonderful bondage. Something , somewhere, always kept altering the balance and now there exist nobody that comes even close to you in my life. With you the last 20 years of a beautiful relationship in its utmost sense has been truly ‘beautiful’.

P.S: HAPPY BIRTHDAY my darling who turns 20 today (bye bye teens!! :P ) Love you tunga for you are the friend that I have the privilege to be blood related with. Have a rocking year ahead.



  1. what a great, sweet post. It's really nice to read such sweet sister birthday wishes. A sister that can be your friend, confidante, your partner, your partner in crime. So loving it. Cheers for both of you.

    Cheers xxx

    1. Thanks a lot Sarah for the kind words and also for visiting my tiny little space- my blog.