Monday, September 6, 2010

Singing my tunes.....from Dawn to Dusk!!!

I want to Set my own tunes and sway to my own melodies....

I want to dance my OWN dance;
Dance the whole night through…..
Until dawn!!
Watch the sun…saying….. “present taniya(rowdy)”….
Announcing the beginning of a new day….

Rejoicing in the mystery of it...
I want to grab a hold of life,
Make a handle to it…
As if it were a tree
In full bloom;

Shake it a bit,
Letting the blossoms
Fall upon my head;
Feeling their silkiness
Caress my face.

Feel the earth beneath, My bare feet…..
swoosh in and out like the free form waves
The undulating mountains of ups and downs that life
the adventures, the
Sorrows, the joys…….
I want to embrace it all.
I want to live my life with no regrets
Leaving no stone unturned.
Yes, I want to sing my own tunes,
With a heart full of joy

Experience the woods ablaze with
The mosaic of the reds and the golds of Autumn,
And the breath-taking serenity of the dusky sun......Slipping below the horizon.
I want to bask in the afterglow
Until the last sigh….!!!!!!

p.s- clicked the above picture of mine.....purposely for bright dawn and shady dusk.......let me know hows it?


  1. Its a joy filled and hopeful poem.
    Really really beautifully written :)
    Live life with no regrets!
    I particularly loved the last two stanzas.
    And your snap is very good :D
    It complements the poem very nicely..

  2. I love the poem! and the picture is extremely artistisic! first time on your blog...and i love it here :)