Wednesday, June 22, 2011

“Does terror have a religion?”

My take on the aforementioned topic debated on NDTV’s big fight:

Oh no, not this now, don’t start debating on terror also now-categorically!! And what is the point of dragging religion into it anyway, I mean, wasn’t the futile ramps on making political issues on the name of religion enough that we are here debating to add a new asterisk to it in the name of terrorism!!
It’s said and believed, and when I say believed (be it be the fairy tale drama, or sheer-ignorance belief) I do believe, that fear is less when it does not have a face. It is a dark hole with void perhaps, but giving that fear a mask of religion would no longer terrorize, it creates havoc!!
Isn’t it huge enough already? The raging terrorism, destruction, hatred up surging everywhere that we now be so shallow to start debating on the percentage of Hindutva or the Muslim factor, to further trigger the fire.

Who are we? “pokers”!! , that instead of finding means and ways to curb the bloody attacker together we have to stand and comment, rather debate on him wearing an orange robe or a green one!!
Giving “terror” the “freedom” to:
Choose and kill,
Kill and choose
Or no bias: kill all !!

All the permutation & combinations fitting in so well, ironical isn’t it?

P.S: I couldn’t help being sarcastic, so no offends if any “green or orange” sentiments, I did hurt, as I am myself a little BLUE..
Go on people, host big fights (NDTV), or go on debating people, igniting minds and we here will sit and blog about you.
For me, terror is just a filthy fish’s poop in the shallow waters of world , no matter what country’s tailored product it may be.


  1. its gud.....but the fact is, it wasnt a baseless debate on ndtv....we just cant ignore the facts and truth ...and the thing about green and orange well said....may be political party with the green and orange colour is responsible for all the extremism or fudamentalist groups that are created...

  2. terror needs a cop like me...!!! keep killing the goons without asking the name...!!! :P:P:P

  3. @maddy - Indeed, you pointed out well, the political party, and that too the one governing for most of the times, even them, in fact religion, democracy..all is made mockery of. the extremist groups that it creates. It can can go on and name it and there stand big mammoth examples. Instead of evading, we are sitting commenting, passing parcel of blames.

  4. @Bose's Corner- :P :P LOL, to begin with , have seen you here for the first time, so welcome to my blog
    and secondly, ya indeed...Mr. Terror cop go ahead , we need you :)

  5. terrorism is basically a weapon of those who know that their demand are unjust and also against humanity. its nothing but to play with people emotions when religion is added. and more importantly most of us do not the meaning of religion. and that's why terrorism has been easily spread. there is only one way to remove it "no appeal, no vakil, no dalil.... just shoot them Bast....."