Friday, November 28, 2014

I call it the Arranged Marriage Syndrome!

There comes a time in every Indian Kid's life - well not every, but the very 'bichara' ones as I have heard who either:

01. End up selecting a partner whom the parents, the parents' parents, or the extended family or better still their kundlis don't approve of
02. Do not end up selecting any one for themselves (And poor parents have to do groom/bride hunting for them)

Whatever category you end up in the very exciting yet utterly dramatic and confusing Arranged Marriage Syndrome - aka - a parent's approved and constantly scrutinized speed dating platform :P , you undergo a supreme roller coaster.

Additional symptoms of it being the chacha, chachi's, mama, mami's, multiplied by let's say 'X' have to.. just have to ask THE question.."So when are you getting married?" ; or "The next is you!" and scaring the shit out of you. Not 'cause you are not ready to get married, but 'cause you don't know WHOM with? (That's like planning the very minute details of a vacation logistics not having decided the venue! CRAZY!!!)

I mean I ain't a cynical person for out rightly contradicting the concept of Arranged Marriages, as statistics prove that it works out longer than the already exhausted lovey-dovey ones and am a strong believer in the institution of marriage,  but this added pressure of the family extensions and the regularly buzzing matrimony sites is what that irks. 
To top it all- how is it that us being happy or not with someone be based on how our stars have taken the pain  of lining up in a particular direction and latitude/longitude concept just to match with the other ones alignment. 'Hey Stars-either you are jobless or I am the Princess from Frozen' :P.... I am not well equipped to understand this concept and hence would refrain on commenting on the logic of that, but this is some math that they should have taught us in high school! Why does my trigonometry and Permutations and Combinations don't work here? :-/ Should have been more simple right! :P

Then the part of exchanging photographs, bio data, blah blah... Parents never participated in making the C.V of your job that much that they do in getting your bio data right and presentable. As if it's a showcase platform to present who's output came out better? Sharma's or Mehta's? :P ...

Parents with the best interest at heart take as much precautions and vaccinations as I call it to be while leading us in the Arranged Marriage Syndrome...and yes they are not that bad.

Before Syndrome: It's like your checklist of hobbies and passion: Travelling, Reading, Cooking, Painting, partying, Trek trips, working...

After Syndrome: Chose any 4 only, rest the stars don't approve of ... Bazingaa!!! ;)

Symptom: The want to end up as happy and blissful post marriage and having a rocking life 'together' is the thing that actually creates panic attacks. The question Mark of if this want is not satisfied. (I mean I WANNA BE HAPPY.. LIKE FOREVER ... EVEN WITH A NEW FOUND FAMILY).. But what if? .. is what creates panic.

Cure: Just go with the flow and be prepared to adjust with a few Bazingaa's  ;)

P.S: The perk will be if in the process you actually end up crushing on one of the prospects :P 'The world just got a little better'

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