Saturday, January 30, 2010


We enter with scared souls
The fear of not knowing anyone
A soft stammering voice
Heart Pondering with fear of the new world
A hundred questions running in our minds
Several thoughts evolve from all sides…

Each new face we pass by
Each new voice that is heard aside
A strange thought persist in each eye..
A few smiles that are seen
Welcoming the new world ahead
A few talks shared amongst,
Resulting in unforgettable friendship bonds…

The fear evaporates with each smile
Preconceived thoughts shift aside
New friends are made,
New bonds are formed
The fear of unknowingness is hence gone

We enter with shy stammering voice
But each day adds to the precious memories of our life
These magical years of college life
When ends brings tears in each eye
These magical years of college life
Become precious memories for the rest of our life


  1. Very true! The step into adulthood from adolescence is defined by our 'college-life'.That's the simple reason we are so attached to it!...I like your vivid description!

  2. I want those days back but can't !! I want to bunk the classes but i cant,i want to tease my friends but i can't !! So have a great time ...Live the smallest moment..

  3. thanx all of u for ur lovely comments...though i wrote it long before....but the write up becomes al the more meaningfull,,,each tym..........u r on a verge n need to moove on...........nice to hear frm u all.......