Sunday, March 7, 2010



well.well i have a disclaimer here: being a part of the fairer sex myself, my views should not be taken as my baisness towards the "special race"................lolzzzzz

Happy Women's Day- the day........leaving apart all the ''politically correct'' definitions,, what i celebrate is "ME"....the wonderful gift of femininity that i have, the gift to adore the skin that i m in. To cherish a life that is blessed with the tenderness of a feather and augmented by the strength of a hard shell.
Realms of paper an reels of films have been dedicated to describe a woman. Women oriented books promise to reveal "the secret" underlying womanhood. Biologists have spend their lifetime decoding the history of woman. But the women continues to be an enigma. Her enigma embodies her beauty. And this beauty is definately not just skin deep. And i am elated to confess my pride that i have to be a "WOMAN"..........blessed to be in the skin and salute to womanhood........


  1. now this one arouse an urge to have MEN's Day as well...
    from where have you have such a %@#$!@ vocabulary(mine is li'l short)...
    i wud really like to have that like urs :)

    here i wud like to dedicate a tune for you:
    Morning Celebration
    Joy of Life(Karunesh)

  2. @karan- start with i wud use the vry common yet the vry apt wrd here "THANX" :) :)
    n regarding the vocab..... i do try to lessen it dwn to b more expressive in laymen terms ,,par u cnt help it,, in case of penning dwn ur thots, u write wat first pops up ur ming......
    n hey.lovd the tune u dedicated.cnt stop using "my thnx" ,here.......