Wednesday, August 11, 2010 i percieve it to be....

Its 12th August, 01:16 am (Indian standard time) and again, the same time of the nite and the same me... with the same feeling- "What do I do? "........ m not at all sleepy,.. i guess m adopting certain vampireish traits ;) or watching vampire diaries has begun taking a toll on me......:D

anyways..But what just struck me while writing the date was the approaching celebrated date-15th Aug. and the word "Indian standard time" ...subconciously though, filled me with a gush of pride. That today, unlike before "we" have our own standards even for a free flying bird like - "Time".

A proud feeling, isn't it? And with Independence Day coming by, I felt all the more strongly for it.
What I believe is .... there is one thing common about every man and women who has ever walked the face of earth. People, every where, in every culture and in every generation are basically the same in this respect.
It doesn't matter whether they lived in developed west, still developing east or in forgotten corners of Africa..... people all around the globe yearn for one thing,,,,
and that unannounced feeling is the feeling to be FREE..... the sense of FREEDOM....which is a yearn of every heart, the quest of human spirit.
So,.... on Independence Day unlike all politically correct definations pertaining to the Indian history, what I celebrate is the feeling of being "Free"... freedom to pertain, percieve all that you desire and crave for under the noble sky.
"Give me freedom or give me death" is a statement of intent that was engraved on the heart of every man long before Patrick Henry ever made it.

when I hear today , that women empowerment is taking lead, or norm laid to hike up literacy, people outcasting to say their hearts out.. freedom of press to express ( i just rhymed ;)) ..even an idle "stuff" like me, writing and bugging you all....
Each and evrything is all my perspective of freedom.. the way i define it..
When a person has this freedom ..when he can lay under the sky ( be it be the sky of west or east),,what matters is the unchecked, unprecedented flow of thoughts, that have the potential to BUILD, INNOVATE, GROW, HOLD RESPONSIBILITY, LEAD..........
That is what i call FREEDOM to be............

JAI HIND ....!!!

p.s- i dunno what made me write "this".......bear with me.. a mood swing i guess...... overpowered by dates i guess..........
t.c stay in good health...


  1. Ahem..

    If this is the result of your mood swing.. I would love them to come out more often.. nicely written ya.. i wish I could capture what you've written (which i surely will one day :P :P ).. :) :)

    God bless ya re.. God bless.. :) :)

  2. got late by some...63 years....
    Or did u....?
    Freedom i bet, is an illusion. The word has got a meaning, a pride attached, a strong relation with many...but it lacks existence...
    No one is free...think about it :)

  3. @pratap- yeah.ur wish is soon gonna b true n m working on it..... ;) ;) n u no what........
    thnx a lott man.....
    @ABC- indeed its an illusion..... bt more of like a state of mind. n the way every individual takes it to i dnt thnk i wud coin this tht "no one is free"..... 'cause it all depends on what , where , when, ur stats n ur mind circuits :) ;) :P

  4. I became a follower after readin here u r a fan of The Vampire Diaries! (& I went through some of ur previous posts, which I liked) I love everything about vampires, any folklore or story or movie.

    Now, onto the post, why does pride come only when celebrating certain days or during the days when India plays against Pakistan! Shouldn't it be in us all the time. Shouldn't we take pride in being Indians? If we r good, we should be proud of ourselves too.
    And I agree with Pratap, have more mood swings :)
    Its good for ur blog :)

  5. @girish-thanx a lot man... even i had this perception.. and that made me write this one.that freedom is a sense of being and is not bounded by countries..... n yup.this is for u and pratap.i wud genuinly..or can say purposefully posses some mood swing spell casters
    n vampire diaries is super sexy...