Thursday, August 5, 2010

wanna relive my lollypop days...........

From a curious little child,
To today a girl of twenty.....
i saw hw time has flown by
My wishes have changed,
n so r my aspirations n vision.......
the thing tht still that I continue to dream.
The only difference is,
I don't want to be Cinderella,
I don't want to bathe my barbie dolls,
I don't see stars as magic balls anymore,
And now I know that there's no Wee Wiley Winky hidden in my house!

As time changed,
So did it change me.
hav grown in an all together different person..
the tiny winy statements of chuckle
hv evolved into statements of expected prudence..
pressure levels soaring high..
so is the temperament,
so much so envelops me now..
that the carefree attitude of my doll houses r gone..

The lollipop days have gone..
But the sweetness still remains...
It still brings a smile to my face,
And sometimes I want to re-live the times
When I would stare at a balloon with my eyes open wide!
with no worries,,, just an innocent carefree smile....... :) :)

p.s- pardon the way i m acting lyk a kid all over, but cudnt help it... with teh pressure levels soaring high.. i just stole a moment of solace through this one... hope u all like it........n do chk the one tht i made
n yupiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeee
i cn post again... my bloger is responding now. loving it.. missed u


  1. Amazing journey into the golden old days.....i just love the way you write ya.....You tend to go out or rather fly off to that level of self actualisation...i admire that...

    p.s.: call me a 'fan'... :)

  2. @ABC- thanks a lot yaa.......

    p.s: overwelhmd by the gesture. :)

  3. Even I miss those childhood days (& I'm still in college!!).
    Wonderful words to ur thoughts :)