Saturday, October 16, 2010

Butterflies in my stomach....!!!! looking at u from a distance....

Looking at you from a distance,
Your hands inside your jeans pocket
With a bag-pack hanging loose behind.

I hide and settle down my hair,
Then I come out to find you smiling at me.
Your messy hair falls on your face,
And slowly you slide your hands around me!!

I've never had such a feeling,
Never felt as safe as when I am with you.
Just those three words from your mouth
Makes my heart melt...
Oh! I feel so warm and true

Those silly games we play with our fingers.
Those serious talks we have with our heads close,
Those idiotic little fights, that are so very clumsy though...
u pulling my leg....
ya..all that..
did u ever notice that????

did u ever notice the way I look at you?

have you ever noticed me blushing when you smile at me?

Have you ever noticed how quite I go when we're all alone?
Have you seen that shine in my eyes when you look at me?

Have you ever noticed how I always try to look good when you're there?
Have you ever seen how upset I get when you leave?

There are so many such feelings I have for you,
But how to express them, that I don't know!

When I'm not with you
I feel so lost and incomplete.
Just want you to hold me close,
Just want to be with you......

p.s - work of frnds , don't poke in me for details.....m very much normal...just honing my writing n
good night, peace....
I had a great weekend. :) :)


  1. ahem that case someone got a real!!!
    nice wrk..actually i cant evn call it a appears to be more of sweet feelings..expressed in a sweeter way..
    loved it!!!
    n ya..i too updated my blog..check it out!!!

  2. nicely expressed feelings...
    good one... :)

    p.s-not poking as you've given a p.s.

  3. Brilliant..!!
    I hav read dis some 20 times, n its jus fantastic..

  4. gud one swthrt...
    u write realy wel dear...
    dnt leav on 2nd...