Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I"ll say day for sure!!!

I love her.
26 years, I tried to tell her, but never could.
In this time a lot happened – growing up, education, career, marriage and her husband’s death.
I tried till I got cancer 2 years ago!
Her funeral......
I’ll try now, again.After all, there is no better ghost in this graveyard than me.
........i killed time..........

p.s- m back to blogger again, n ya profusely appologise that i wudn't be able to continue my story here on blogger....have some other big plans for hv written it completely n it has shaped out well. so, i wud gv it a diffrnt platform. i hope u"ll understand. @abc n kiko- shall mail u soon for editing. :)


  1. @taniya: This one ws seriously vry witty... if i had got an idea lyk dis, i wud hav dragged it to 4 episodes nd by the end ppl wud hav forgooten the 1st one... 6 lines???? tats somthn for u to BOAST on... SEXY WORK..

  2. lol....thnx a lot kiko, i thot i shud drag, thn i thot y not try somethng new and just give it this form n let the readers imagination do the screenplay.....i loved it too.......
    thnx again :)