Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Divine Ragaa

Dedicated to my friend ABC, as though with a thing that he came up with i got a chance to be a part of this great initiative. With my hand on my heart and eyes closed i truely abide by n fervour the step tht u hv taken and my salute to u for tht..


Bikhara hai sara koi hai disha
Yaha pooche har koi.. kaun hai tera khuda?
“vo ‘ek’ hai…or ‘tu’ be ek hai"

Btr thn thousnd hollow 1 wrd tht brings peace-”music”-tht hs the ‘DIVINE’ pwr 2 unite us stands halfway b/w thought n phenomenon
Join us..join music..reflect the unity f soul
With wrld cup cmng ovr,alng wit cricket let music run in2 ur blood too.Spread the spirit f ekism..

p.s - btr than anything i wud need ur support here...for a noble cause....fite the evil in u , fyn the uniqueness in ur soul tht binds us all..........

1 comment:

  1. You are doing an incredible job Taniya...
    The way you have taken up this role is truly amazing...
    Proud of you my friend :)