Sunday, May 8, 2011

Water without Whiskey can give a kick >>>>>

Sitting in my office, sipping coffee......
(for all those who do not know, yeah even I have joined the league-caffine):P
so ya...sipping coffee and with work load pretty light today enjoying sitting idle and gazing out. Its raining hard, and the streets are empty, trees as if repainted green.
No alcohol can match up the high of the faint smell of wet mud in rains. I have this special fantasy for rains, getting drenched, tend to feel sexy you know :P

Though, I tried to remember the last time I played in the rain like that.
I realised, from the time I’ve turned into this obsessed-with-my-hair maniac, forget playing..I haven’t even walked properly in the rain minus any worries!


It’s raining and to hell with everything else! I’m going to go there and break into a dance!

I love twirling umbrellas by the way.
I also do stunts. Umbrella stunts!!!! :P
And then the umbrella gets all weird and refuses to protect me from the rain.

Okay bye.
And today might be my last day at work...I mean if they see me acting like this berk serk maniac in the rain i don't think they"ll risk keeping me....
Fingers Crossed....

p.s- Finally feeling good, minus all the worries and expectations and feelings and blah blah blah..the ones that were never fulfilled.....RIP you all I am happy being me today.

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  1. lol

    I had the same experience once...My boss told me I am letting you go as it is your first job but its not Mature decision to do what you did..

    who cares...